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Welcome to the ultimate Keziah Jones collection site!

The unofficial Keziah Jones homepage is no longer maintained / updated. (2001)

This site is dedicated to one of my favourite musicians and guitar players, Keziah Jones. It contains almost everything, that I've collected about him - articles, biographies, lyrics, pictures, tabs and much more - and I'm still collecting.

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It was in the middle of 1993, when I discovered the music of Keziah Jones in a cd shop in town (hearing it over the speakers). Being very attracted to this music, I bought this cd which was called "Blufunk is a fact" and I declared it immediately to one of my favourite ones.

Going online with my own homepage in August 1996, the Keziah Jones Homepage - the very first site in the internet about this man - was a major part of my page (and probably always will be). The layout changed several times over the years, but in the core this site always stayed the same - it's a fan-page about a great musician.

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